Creative Writing, the MFA, and Northwestern University

Circular logo mark of Northwestern UniversityThere is excitement in the air. I am now an MFA Creative Writing candidate at Northwestern University's School of Continuing Studies. Early this summer, a thought planted itself in my head, prompting me to think about graduate school and how that could help change things around here; the thought soon became a dogged notion, unflinching in its persistence, and I could not get it out of my mind, because I knew how difficult the journey would be financially if I got accepted. I am not without reason or common sense, although historically I should be cemented in craving and impulsiveness, just as my father and mother also behaved with the dexterity of pundits. I am grateful. And yet I could not let go. I could not erase the many prompts that drilled themselves deeper and deeper into my conscience like an augur. And so I began the process. I asked my undergrad professors for recommendations and help. One ignored my request altogether (What had I done? Furthermore, had I said something awkward in a text, email, or social networking context?). But that doesn't matter now; it's in the past. I moved on and started writing then editing, and writing then editing some more, until I could check off each requirement one by one until I was done. Application submitted, and then came the long wait. I stayed busy, a good solution. The summer brought anticipation and loads of quiet nervousness, that I might fall under the axe and roll toward an inconceivable darkness filled with doubt and the prolongation of seeming emptiness that threatened at the edges, always from the edges like a wildfire or hungered prairie dog. All along I trusted my words and did not digress from their power to influence and move the soul, because this is all I had besides my trust in the mysterious and benign workings of the universe. And so I am here, a new path, a new life, a renewed journey that had hit an oily immigrant's patch for decades. This is all I have to add: <write-or-perish!> ~Ignatius