Ragdale Residency 2017: Day 13

Time: Thursday. Subterranean awakening. A life at the crossroads of discovery and implementation. How days of the residency go by when I am fully embedded and somewhat removed from my external reality, which I cannot escape. The early morning light greets Friends Studio in a special way that is warm and welcoming, and I want to step across the front porch and reach for the screen door in the middle. I don't know how the winter treats this place, but for now time hasn't been altered much, it seems.
Friends Studio front porch long view

Friends Studio front porch long view

Poster_of Sylvia Shaw and Dorothy Hackett at Friends-Studio

Poster at Friends Studio of Sylvia Shaw and Dorothy Hackett. The music and art studio is named for the friends, and the two rooms here are also named after them.

Space: It's our last full day here in Sylvia's room at Friends Studio. I have enjoyed using it, and the experience for both of us in this space has turned our minds towards imitating the  spaciousness of this studio, with its high ceilings, windows, loft, spiral staircase, and big screened-in French doors. Where and how this will take place for us is a mystery right now, but it's fine to dream, yes? Starting tomorrow, we will occupy my room in Ragdale House (or occupy Dorothy's Room next door in Friends Studio) until the end of the day Sunday, after which we end our residency and return to our busy lives of teaching and coping with the pressures of the external world during the summer and beyond. Heart: Today is our gussied up photo shoot and artists' studio tour, all informal and exclusive to our whims and choices, release time from the day's work; so let's see what the evening will bring. Afterwards, there is cake for dessert from the Blind Faith Cafe. A kind note to Chef Linda: Thank you for the jackfruit dishes. I am enjoying the leftover roasted seeds, and have swiped the jackfruit with red sauce dish clean from the main kitchen fridge, in case you're wondering. There is no evidence of it at all. Thank you for your hard work, care, and love that you put into your sumptuous cooking. The meals are always a treat. 🙂 ~Ignatius

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