Ragdale Residency 2017: Day 14

Time: Friday. Took in the artists' studio tours on Thursday evening; so excited to see and experience their work, including my partner Cynthia's work. Today is a day to hunker down even more, to get work done in the blistering heat, which I love, and despite our interruptions to gather up our materials to move next door. I focused on poetry, b/c the path to poetry called me with its need for profusion, jest, anxiety, and simple pleasures of nature.
View of music studio Dorothy Room from the loft.

View of the music studio in Dorothy's Room from the loft.

Space: For the remainder of our stay through the coming weekend, Ragdale has kindly offered us Dorothy's Room to work, the smaller music studio right next door at Friends Studio. This is a more intimate space with the same design as the larger space of Sylvia's Room that we loved and occupied on the other side of Friends Studio, and the layout of this room is flipped, except that the beautiful spiral staircase seems to be a newer model. Heart: A baby Yamaha grand sits in one corner here, and already I'm tickling the keys and trying to recapture my piano-playing days of the 90's, when I performed and sang with an electric piano (with weighted keys) and a band on stage. It has been a long time, and I can tell how rusty I've become on the piano, but the sound of this gorgeous instrument now is like an arrow aimed at my heart.
Cynthia Kerby's studio tour for residents.

Cynthia Kerby's art studio tour on Thursday for us residents. She's on the left in the Indian outfit.

Cynthia Kerby presenting her work.

Cynthia Kerby presenting her work Thursday evening.

Really enjoyed the artists' studio tours, a sample pic above showing Cynthia Kerby's space with her work and session 7's attending residents. Artists Molly Aubry and Melissa Pokorny also showed their wonderful body of art. So much talent here, it's amazing and inspiring. Then dinner afterwards, with our varied conversations, once again, rising again to newer heights. We began with our photoshoot around 5 pm, all gussied-up and loving the evening light behind Ragdale House, where Amy Sinclair helped take the pictures on the house iPad. The grassy earth offered more trouble to the sturdy tripod than I'd expected, but the photos and poses turned out to be so much fun. Glorious! The studio tour began next, followed by dinner. Here then is a picture of Amy and Chef Linda below.
Ragdale's Amy Sinclair and Chef Linda William in the dining hall. Dinner is served!

Amy Sinclair and Chef Linda Williams in Ragdale's dining hall. Dinner is served! Hearts and stomachs happy, we are ready to dive in.

I took this pic rather quickly in the dining hall at 6:30 just as dinner was served. A good and delicious spread!
Friday's delicious meal for paleos.

Friday's delicious meal for paleos.

We walked back from Mel Pokorny's presentation in the Meadow Studio where she spends her working days and arrived in time for dinner. Cynthia bought a vegan chocolate mousse cake from Blind Faith Cafe in Evanston and put our wedding cake top ornament on it, reason being that it relates to an entertaining story about our wedding, one of many that caught the residents' attention. Some of us stayed behind at the dining table sharing stories and listening to Ella and Louie streaming from Amazon on my laptop and through a Bass Egg bluetooth device. A really pleasurable evening. I decided to sleep in the loft in the new space. ~Ignatius  

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