Ragdale Residency 2017: Day 15

Time: Saturday. Penultimate residency day, although I have the choice to stay on for the rest of the week here at Ragdale if my partner and I so choose, when the residency period ends for all session 7 residents. But we must return to teaching next week and to our very busy lives outside the serenity and unhurried indulgences of this place of creativity, of imagination, and fellowship. Assured silence and focus. This morning is starkly different, however. This morning, and just as the sun comes up, the crushing, serrated attacks of a chainsaw and shredder bring down a tree, to return it to the earth, re-formed, reconstituted. The catatonic activity disturbs the quiet hour, and I wake up. Something, a new channel of thought and discovery lies in wait for a writer. Let's see where it goes.
Our post-dinner visit to the Lake Forest beach on Saturday.

Our post-dinner visit to the Lake Forest beach on Saturday.

Space: The piano bench. A few chords, small sounds, some notes, and I have the sheer pleasure of music right here in Dorothy's Room, a space that calls for more focused thoughtfulness and a light touch. I am conscious though of Kate, the new resident artist who just moved into Sylvia's Room next door, the vast open studio space we occupied for two weeks. She can hear what I'm playing and says she doesn't mind my playing at all. Perhaps it inspires her, or maybe it doesn't, but I'm at the keyboard once in a while, so I hope it isn't impeding her own creativity.
Sushi with spicy tuna maki.

Sushi with spicy tuna maki at Sushi Kushi Toyo, Lake Forest.

Gomae_appetizer. Crossing chopsticks!

Gomae_appetizer (spinach w/ a sesame soy sauce). Crossing chopsticks, oh my!

Heart: In my heart a door has come ajar to allow the monstrous intrusion of my routine back home to remind me about all that I must return to. I have enjoyed the time here, and began the day with writing poetry then switched to the novel sequel. I need sunlight, heat, open air, the outdoors. I put down the blog to drive home with some of our art materials, and so the day proceeded in this manner, with chores and group plans for sushi or pizza dinner, followed by a sunset visit to the beach, then back to Ragdale House for cocktails and a dance party, which by the way (now that I'm writing in past tense) turned out to be a blast. We kept the jams (with a handful of DJs) and bluetooth/iPod boxes to select from, and we danced in Ragdale house for a good long time until our bodies could take it no longer. Then we retired to the barn house to settle down with tea and more conversation. Hunger got to me after the dance, and so I rifled through the fridge in the barnhouse and served myself some of Linda's vegan moussaka. This is Session 7 Fabdale group, signing off. Yes, we are officially Ragdale's only Fabdale group, dig it. ~Ignatius

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