A year of creative writing capsuled to the present.

It's been an incredibly productive year in the creative writing fast lane. I have been so so busy. No, not with busy work, but just busy meeting creative deadlines and writing, writing, writing. Since my last blog post, I've managed to do several drafts of my thesis novel and finally graduate in June 2015, and along the way I earned the distinguished thesis award (surprise!), which is all behind me now but no less significant and consequential. Since then, I've come on board at Harold Washington College as adjunct English faculty (more about this course later), found a literary agent, and attracted the attention of Curbside Splendor Publishing (and more on this later); as well, Northwestern University has invited me to teach a graduate course online in advanced writing, which includes some aspects of experimental fiction, and content and technical writing. And I have been up to my ears in course preparations. Today marks the first day when the course kicks off, and I have students from different parts of the US, including Chicago. Click on the links below. WP will offer a hyperlink pop-up. Choose that to visit the appropriate website:BelmontJaunt_AmyDanzerPic
Yrs, Ignatius
Photo credit goes to Amy Danzer @NU

Fiction Writing, Research, and Lighthouses

Working on lighthouse research for my graduate fiction thesis work has led me directly to the Sable Points Light Keepers Association in Ludington, Michigan (www.splka.org). I am now officially a light keeper at Little Sable Point Light and will be serving in June and September. What a rich history! Somebody give me a uniform and cap for the glory; the risk and pleasure is all mine. ~Ignatius